Our Products

Custom Designed Solutions

No matter what the space limitations or design challenges, Randall Crater can provide a solution and has a reputation for well designed workstations.

We pride ourselves on quality fit outs and only use the best materials and designs available for the space and ensures it is in line with your venues décor and design.

We use top of the range equipment and we do not cut corners by using cheap brands.

In addition, our solutions involve concealing the computers and associated components so that the finished look is slimline and efficient along with minimizing vandalism opportunity that PCs on desks creates. This also ensures a neat and stylish appearance along with a clutter free and spacious work area on the desktop. This design allows plenty of room for users to place a laptop and notes, files or briefcases.

Our computers are also not left on or under desks with messy cabling exposed, instead they are built into the custom joinery. The fit outs we do are required to blend in to areas from Airports to 5 star hotels so you can be assured that we treat each project as if we were fitting out our own venue. This whole approach to the initial fit out and provisioning further enhances reliability and hence revenue and guest satisfaction.

Freestanding Kiosks

A kiosk design that can easily be relocated as needed. Options include:

stand to use, or sit to use depending on availability and required space for seating.

Wireless Access Hotspots

Wireless Access Hotspots are venues that offer Wi-Fi access. The public can use a WI-Fi enabled laptop, WiFi phone, or other suitable portable device to access the Internet.

In the Hotspot Zone, when the client opens a browser window the hotspot immediately recognizes a new end user and re directs their browser to the log in and payment web page. There is no need for end users to change and of their default network, email, or browser settings or load any special software to access he hotspot service.

Each hotspot can possibly project the wireless signal up to 500 meters. Please note this is an estimate of range and the actual distance can be affected by many factors including environment, physical barriers, line of sight, aerial location and others.

There is no additional infrastructure needed for areas where the hotspot signal can reach. Randall Crater will supply and install the hotspot equipment within the Internet Workstations.

The service provides wireless data rates up to 54Mbps and supports up 100 simultaneous users from each hotspot. The hotspot has comprehensive security (64/128 bit WEP encryption, WPA encryption, IP/URL filtering)

Our access fees charged are alot lower than most of our competitors hence providing better value and greater customer satisfaction levels.

Ethernet Access

Ethernet Access is similar to Wireless, however requires a cable to plug a laptop or PDA into a port in the room / or in the PC.

Payment is also by credit card and we offer a service that is less expensive for your customers than most current suppliers.

Promotional and Information kiosks

Free standing kiosks (sit to use or stand to use) that can be configured to supply specific info or branding for a specific thing.

Some examples include:

an information kiosk in a shopping center which has a store directory and maps

banks use branded kiosks which have information on loans and other products and the user can either apply online or register their interest

The range of uses for branded kiosks is endless.

On Kiosk Advertising

All Randall Crater products are able to be tailored to your specifications and where required, can include advertising space on the kiosk itself.

Available advertising includes on cabinet branding, home page links which are viewed by our users, screen savers, and free access sites.